Slips & Falls Cause of One-Third of Workers Comp Winter Claims in Midwest

Slips & Falls Cause of One-Third of Workers Comp Winter Claims in Midwest

Slips & Falls Cause of One-Third of Workers Comp Winter Claims in Midwest

As this year’s first winter storm, Astro, hit the Plains and middle of the country during the second week of November, a rather timely study was released citing that in 2013 slips and falls on ice and snow accounted for nearly one third of all workers’ comp claims in the Midwest. According to workers’ comp carriers, Accident Fund Insurance Company and United Heartland, winter-related slips and falls claims doubled in 2013-2014 over the previous year, representing 295 of all workers’ compensation claims.

Here’s how the numbers broke down by state:

  • Indiana – 37%
  • Wisconsin – 33%
  • Michigan – 32%
  • Illinois – 32%
  • Minnesota – 29%

“Winter-related slips and falls have a significant negative impact on American businesses each year, resulting in time off work, temporary employee costs, overtime for existing employees and increased insurance costs,” said Mike Britt, president of Accident Fund Insurance Company of America.

The takeaway, of course, for employees to avoid these costs is to be extra vigilant and instill in employees the need to exercise extreme caution during the winter months. This involves reinforcement of common-sense practices and tips to help avoid injury when walking on ice and snow, such as wearing the proper footwear, being prepared for black ice formation, exercising caution when getting in and out of a car, and paying attention to slippery floors when entering buildings, among other.

Employers should also step up their safety and loss prevention for slip and fall protection during the winter months to minimize workplace accidents. This includes implementing an employee safety campaign, having a winter weather preparedness program, having the appropriate signs and barriers up where accidents are most likely to occur, ensuring that weather communications are in place, and providing safe walking surfaces for your employees.

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