Help Clients Control Their Destiny with a Protected Cell Captive

Caitlin Morgan offers several alternative Captive Solutions, including Protected Cell Captives, which may be right for smaller companies looking to benefit from alternative solutions.

Protected Cell Captives from Caitlin Morgan

A Protected Cell Captive (PCC) is an alternative to conventional commercial insurance and offers benefits similar to those available through group and single-parent captives at reduced start-up and ongoing costs. Many clients turn to PPCs to avoid the challenges associated with insurance market cycles and to be in a better position to control their own destiny.


With a PCC, separately identifiable cells are created and owned by the same or separate cell users under which the assets and liabilities of each cell are legally segregated and ring-fenced from each other under statute. Cells can issue insurance policies and access reinsurance markets, just like a standalone insurance company.

The PCC Benefits

In addition, there aren’t any restrictions as to the type of business that can be undertaken by a cell in most jurisdictions.

What Types of Organization Could Benefit from a PCC?

Potential uses and types of business for a Protected Cell Captive include funding increased deductibles for a company’s insurance policies, such as Property, Automobile, Employers Liability, and Product Liability; and writing niche insurance products where standard coverage is expensive or unavailable.


The captive experts at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services can review the ins and outs of establishing a Protected Cell Captive and whether it makes sense for your clients. We work with some of the leading insurance PCC experts with market leading experience of cell set-up and on-going management.

We invite you to learn more about us and how we can help you expand your business.

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