Offer Unparalleled Workers’ Comp Claims Management

We can help clients that self insure their Workers’ Compensation manage their claims with loss prevention and other solutions.

Workers’ Comp Claims Management from Caitlin Morgan

Workers’ Compensation claims management is usually one of the most challenging issues businesses face. From proper filing procedures to paying out benefits, the whole process can be time consuming to say the least. Our goal at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services is to help businesses that self-insure their Workers’ Comp have the proper claims management processes in place. This involves combining loss prevention, excess placement and claims management solutions as well as Third Party Administrator (TPA) oversight services so that a business is properly set up at the onset.

The professional services needed for effective claims management include:

  • Medical knowledge to evaluate and process claims, and to negotiate services with providers
  • Legal judgment to assess the merits and potential cost of litigated claims
  • Actuarial assistance to forecast future loss projections for the organization
  • Safety and loss control programs overseen by engineers or other appropriate professionals to minimize losses

Self-reliance and complete control is what self-insurance is all about, which is a key reason why business owners choose to this route. Our self-insurance programs put clients in the driver’s seat, as we put together all the pieces to ensure a smooth ride.

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