Create Profits and Top-line Growth with an Agency Captive

Caitlin Morgan offers several alternative Captive Solutions, including Agency Captives. Find out how Agency Captives can help you insure risks that may not be able to find a home with traditional markets.

Agency Captives from Caitlin Morgan

At Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, we have the depth of experience and expertise to provide risk-sharing alternatives such as Agency Captives. Agency Captives are principally created to reinsure the risk of their clients. They can be excellent platforms for a risk class where there is a demand for coverage but no insurer to create new products or replace coverage from carriers who have left the class of business. There is an opportunity here to create profits and spur top-line growth.

How An Agency Captive Works

An Agency Captive will usually require a fronting carrier and perhaps a reinsurer, which will share in the risk with the Agency Captive insuring the policyholder. In exchange for the captive assuming some level of risk, it can be rewarded with a share of the underwriting profits as well as retaining any investment income made by the captive.


A carrier partner will look for an agency that has a high level of underwriting expertise in risk class and claims management expertise (or the access to it) as well as the operational efficiency to reduce claims costs.

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