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Caitlin Morgan offers several alternative Captive Solutions, including Association Captives. We are ready to discuss how this may be a viable solution for members of a common industry or trade association seeking greater control over their insurance plans, reduced costs and enhanced risk management strategies.

Association Captives from Caitlin Morgan

An Association Captive insurance company is owned by members of a common industry or trade association, and is designed to insure the risks of that industry among its members. Participation is limited to members of the association. It’s similar to a group captive except that it’s sponsored or owned by a group of entities within a particular organization with common insurance needs and similar exposures.


Our professionals at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services can assist members of an association in determining whether a captive solution is right.

Why An Association Captive?

In addition, in offering captive services, associations can attract new members and boost their non-dues income.


Knowing how to begin to set up an Association Captive is critical. The association needs a competent and trustworthy consultant and service provider, guidance in determining the feasibility of a captive, the ability to raise the needed capital, and assistance in designing and implementing the captive. Trust the experienced professionals at Caitlin Morgan to help your association insureds evaluate whether a captive solution is appropriate for them.

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