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With Caitlin Morgan you’ll find a responsive partner so that you can address the needs of your healthcare prospects and insureds effectively and in a timely manner.

Healthcare Facilities Insurance from Caitlin Morgan

One of our long-time specialties at Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services is working with agents to provide healthcare facilities with coverage to protect their operations, assets and people. As an MGU, we can offer your client a wide selection of affordably priced, full-featured plans.


Our expertise in the operations of the healthcare industry, and our understanding of the needs and pressures faced every day are vital to successful services implementation for privately and publicly owned establishments.

Coverages We Offer

Cyber Liability insurance is also available for medical facilities, a coverage that no entity should go without. Recent statistics show that healthcare facilities have seen a 600% increase in attacks in this sector in the last year. Hospitals as well as other medical facilities are the targets of these attacks because of the information hackers can obtain to sell. A patient’s personal identifiable information is very valuable because of its connection to insurance documents and bank accounts.

We invite you to learn more about us and how we can help you expand your business.

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