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Caitlin Morgan offers several alternative Captive Solutions, including a Single-Parent Captive. We are ready to discuss how this may be a viable solution for clients looking to gain greater control over their insurance plans, reduce costs and enhance their risk management strategies.

Single-Parent Captives from Caitlin Morgan

A Single-Parent (or pure) Captive is owned and controlled by one company and insures that company and/or its affiliates. At Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, we offer our single-parent captive solutions to business owners whose coverage needs extend beyond that of the average firm.


With us, you can rest easy knowing your clients are getting the most comprehensive solutions from highly respected industry leaders. Our Single-Parent Captive solutions are the most popular type of captive insurance on the market today.

Benefits of A Single-Parent Captive

The benefits of captive insurance solutions are great and include:

Single-Parent Captives have been around for over 50 years and have proven to be a time-tested alternative to traditional insurance when organizing the financial risks of a commercial business. We can help you evaluate whether your client should be considering a Single-Parent Captive. This involves ensuring that there is a strong internal commitment, sufficient funding for start-up capital and expenses, a business plan approved by the selected captive domicile, the ability to meet certain minimum annual operating expenses, additional funding should loss experience be greater than expected, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation by upper management.


We invite you to learn more about us and how we can help you expand your business.

Contact the experts at Caitlin Morgan today and experience the benefits of working with a new kind of MGU and wholesale brokerage. For more information, call 317-575-4440 or

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