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Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities from Caitlin Morgan

Leading MGU and wholesaler Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services has been successful in establishing its footprint in insuring assisted living facilities throughout the last 15-plus years. This is due to our expertise, responsiveness and ability to provide competitive pricing, which is important to the viability of these entities.


Assisted living facilities provide services for seniors who wish to remain independent but still need some assistance with daily living. Types of assistance offered include help with bathing, dressing, eating, grooming and getting around. There are a variety of options available in the assisted living industry. Facilities can be located in high-rise apartment buildings, converted Victorian homes, or even renovated schools. Over the years, assisted living facilities have expanded throughout the country to address our aging population, and we have been there to help our agents and brokers insure them with a comprehensive portfolio of coverages.

Coverage Highlights

We also can secure Cyber Liability insurance for your clients.

Assisted Living Facilities Risk Management

Risk management plays an integral role in the success of an assisted living facility and helping to minimize liability claims. Part of the risk management plan should include training and education among the healthcare providers who are an integral part of the long-term care environment. We can assist you in this area with our risk management expertise.

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