Today’s Cyber Risks Require Access to a Wide Range of Solutions

Data breaches are making headlines every day across all industry segments. Let Caitlin Morgan assist you in safeguarding your clients against this emerging risk.

Cyber Liability Insurance Programs from Caitlin Morgan

Cyber threats, data breach and data loss have permeated every industry segment, with large and small businesses vulnerable to hack attacks and crimes, malicious viruses and network security risks. This emerging threat makes headlines each and every day with companies and organizations looking to beef up their cyber security to mitigate risks.


The insurance industry in the last several years has responded with a number of Cyber Liability insurance policies available on the market that can be tailored to address an individual’s business unique exposures as well as that of the segment of which it a part. Making this coverage a component of client’s insurance program is key to any effective risk management plan.


Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, a leading MGU and wholesaler, can help you to do so. We work with several carriers to provide Cyber coverage to respond to a myriad of exposures. We can customize a policy for the programs we write, including for healthcare and educational entities and provide coverage for a wide range of businesses.

With us, you can rest easy knowing your clients are getting the most comprehensive solutions from highly respected industry leaders. Our Single-Parent Captive solutions are the most popular type of captive insurance on the market today.

What’s Covered

There are two major types of Cyber Liability Insurance: first-party coverage and third-party defense and liability coverage. First-party coverage offers financial compensation to help an insured address immediate customer and business needs. Third-party coverage protects a client in the event of a lawsuit brought by a customer or partner in the event of a data breach.

First-Party Response

The following costs be covered depending on the policy:

  • Legal and forensic services to determine whether a breach occurred and assist with regulatory compliance if a breach is verified
  • The costs involved to notify affected customers and employees
  • Customer credit monitoring
  • Crisis management and public relations to educate customers about the breach and rebuild a company’s reputation
  • Business interruption expenses
  • Cyber extortion reimbursement for perils including credible threats to introduce malicious code; pharm and phish customer systems; or corrupt, damage, or destroy your computer system

Third-Party Defense and Liability

The following may be covered depending on the policy:

  • Judgments, civil awards, or settlements a client is legally obligated to pay after a data breach
  • Electronic media liability, including infringement of copyright, domain name, trade name, service mark, or slogan on an intranet or Internet site
  • Potential coverage for employee privacy liability as well as network security and privacy liability

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