We Can Help You Assess Self Insurance for Workers' Compensation

Self insuring Workers’ Compensation can be a viable and effective option for companies looking to control costs and premiums.

Workers’ Comp Self-Insurance from Caitlin Morgan

A self-insurance Workers’ Compensation program is an alternative to purchasing a traditional policy, and is based on a decision to retain risk rather than to insure it. It differs from traditional insurance in that a plan is needed to pay for losses as they occur. A self-insurance program may be funded from operation cash balances or through systematic payments into a special reserve fund.


The motivation for becoming self-insured is usually driven by the desire to reduce costs. However, the most important benefit may be the essential control over claims administration and safety and loss control efforts gained by a self-insurer.

We’ll Help You Assist Your Clients in Deciding If Self-Insurance is Right for Them

MGU and wholesaler Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services understands the decision to implement a self-insurance program for Workers’ Compensation is one which requires extensive review of the client’s needs and an honest look at potential disadvantages. In addition, self-insurers must make separate arrangements for claims handling and other services, and satisfy state surety bond requirements. Most self-insured employers contract with third-party administrators to perform some of these services, while some qualify to handle their claims own administration. What’s more, depending on the state, there are regulatory financial requirements for an organization desiring to achieve and maintain self-insurance status.


With our years of experience managing self-insurance plans for Worker’ Compensation, Caitlin Morgan can help guide you and your clients through the complex process of analyzing, evaluating, and establishing a successful self-insurance Workers’ Compensation program.


Obtaining a self-insurance program through Caitlin Morgan guarantees that you will get custom solutions at affordable rates. All programs include excess workers’ compensation as a standard feature, but more can be added if your specific situation calls for more coverage.

We invite you to learn more about us and how we can help you expand your business.

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