Drive Better Workers’ Comp Outcomes with Nurse Triage Services

Drive Better Workers’ Comp Outcomes with Nurse Triage Services

Caitlin Morgan is committed to taking a comprehensive approach in helping our agency partners assist clients with not only their Workers’ Compensation insurance but also with offering programs and value-added services that reduce claims, manage medical expenses, get employees back to work, improve ex-mods and gain control over premiums. For example, we created the Indiana School’s Educational Service Center (ISESC) Risk Management Program, which helps public schools in the state address volatile commercial Workers’ Compensation premiums. Part of the success of this program includes loss prevention and other risk management services. We also offer nursing homes in Indiana cost-effective Workers’ Comp solutions that include customized loss control, lower claims costs and improved claims resolutions.

To further assist our agency partners and their clients in managing and controlling workplace injuries and their related expenditures, we are working with Company Nurse, a nationwide provider of 24/7/365 nurse triage telephone services exclusively focused on Workers’ Compensation. The Company Nurse Triage Hotline provides a Registered Nurse at the front end of the comp claim – right at the onset of the injury reporting process – which is critical in positively influencing the cost of on-the-job injuries while at the same time providing compassionate and high-quality patient care to injured employees.

Here’s how Company Nurse works: At the time of a workplace injury, an employee calls and immediately speaks with an RN who specializes in occupational injuries to determine the employee’s medical needs. In addressing the injury when it first occurs, Company Nurse provides fast and proper care intervention, using established medical protocols. Depending on the type and extent of injury, this may include self-care, referral to a clinic or emergency room care. Often, the nurse triage service can prevent a minor injury from becoming a costly, protracted claim. In fact, results show that claims can be reduced by 15% to 20% with Company Nurse. Moreover, the RN will refer the employee to an approved medical facility when needed, in accordance with the insured’s providers, which saves the injured employee time, and the company the costs involved in claims management and litigation – between 20% to 30%.

Company Nurse will send a detailed Injury Report to the medical provider, TPA/claims professionals, and employer within five minutes of the call to ensure all needs are met throughout the Workers’ Compensation process.

Proven Results

The success of Company Nurse is evident by the results their clients garner. For example, a consulting firm to nursing homes in several states saw their clients’ loss ratio reduced by 20%, reporting lag time reduced from a three- to seven-day delay to consistent same-day reporting, and a reduction in the costs associated with their Workers’ Compensation program. A school district risk management program in Southern California over a two-year period experienced a reduction in Workers’ Comp claims of 30% with Company Nurse. Since using the nurse triage services, 40% of incoming calls result in report-only claims, with employees not requiring any additional medical care. Additionally, employees are getting back to work sooner. Another school district using Company Nurse also reduced reporting lag time from five to six days to consistent day of injury reporting and saw a reduction in comp claims of 35%. Moreover, they improved the use of preferred providers for quality care.

Caitlin Morgan can work with you to provide clients branded nurse triage services, through Company Nurse, that are seamless extensions of the value you bring to your insureds. Not only will your clients benefit by driving down comp costs and delivering immediate medical attention to employees, but you will also be better positioned to establish new relationships with additional Workers’ Comp risk management services and strategies. Give us a call to discuss our Comp programs at 877.226.1027.