Assisted living facility trends

Assisted Living Facilities Addressing Their Customers’ Wishes

Owners of assisted living facilities are working to address the needs of today’s seniors and in preparation of the 47 to 65 crowd who, if and when the time comes for them to live in an assisted living facility, will have expectations that will surely change the face of this market. Here’s a brief look at how facilities are evolving:

1. Promoting Wellness and a Healthy Lifestyle: Many facilities offer programs that include exercise classes and/or access to neighborhood fitness clubs, on-site message therapy, healthy meal options as well as spiritual and educational opportunities.

2. Creating Home-like Settings.To accommodate residents who prefer larger spaces and want to bring more of their belongings with them, facilities are combining two apartments into one large one. This allows residents to make their places feel more like home. Amenities usually include walk-in closets, high ceilings, balconies, and enhanced kitchenettes.

3. Introducing Hospitality Design Concepts. Many providers of senior living are incorporating additional dining options, separating “back of house” operations from residential areas, and concierge-like services.

4. Expanding Individual Choice. Individuals considering options for themselves or a family member want more choices, such as “condo for life,” a wide variety of entry-fee options, rentals, time shares, etc.—all catering to niche markets and offering alternative delivery options for skilled care, richer programs, and other benefits.

5. Enhancing Senior Living with Technology. There are wireless pendants that activate a phone in case a client falls; health-monitoring devices that can be applied to a parent’s unit, as a motion-detector; devices that monitor vital signs, or even manage medications.

6. Expanding Urban Options. Many empty nesters and seniors want to move back into city centers to enjoy the richness of an urban lifestyle and amenities such as having a doorman and home meal deliveries. This phenomenon is stimulating a variety of interesting new projects, such as The Clare at Water Tower Place in Chicago, a full CCRC in an urban high-rise setting. In addition to independent living apartments, The Clare offers a full continuum of care and services, including assisted living services, memory support, skilled nursing services, and rehabilitation.

7. Going Green. Sustainable design concerns have come to senior living and are an increasingly important factor in the design of new projects. The kinds of green design concepts that are being applied include day-lighting, improved indoor air quality, energy and water conservation, views of nature, gardens and water.

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