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Manage risk more cost effectively with a Protected Cell Insurance Company. Our experience and expertise in providing Captive Solutions provides you with alternative mechanisms to address your clients’ risks.

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Constitution Insurance Company: A Protected Cell Captive Insurance Company

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services is dedicated to offering agents and their clients alternative solutions to manage their risk in a more cost-efficient way. Constitution Insurance Company, a Protected Cell Company located in Tennessee, was co-founded by Caitlin Morgan and M.R. Mead & Company to offer clients the benefits of a captive while eliminating many of the liabilities.

Here’s how it works: Constitution’s structure is that of a Protected Cell Company with independent entities beneath called Protected or Incorporated Cells. The entities can take the form of a C Corp, an S Corp, or a Limited Liability Company. Under Tennessee law, each unit and its assets and liabilities are separate from the actions of the other entities. A legal “ring fence” exists to protect the assets of one cell from creditors of another.

Additional Client Benefits

  • Ease of entry and exit
  • Flexibility in cost and regulation in a jurisdiction recognized globally for its business acumen
  • Eliminates the cost in time and money learning about insurance company protocols and customs, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core focus of running their operation
  • Leverage the benefits of owning a captive while eliminating many of the liabilities
  • Use of financial resources more efficiently because the cells only cover a client’s actual exposure, not funding for a regulatory minimum which eliminates having capital that isn’t producing a return

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Setting up a captive requires the right professional advisors, which you get with Caitlin Morgan and M.R. Mead & Company. Give us a call at 317-575-4440 to discuss how we can provide alternative solutions to your business clients, associations or high net worth individuals.