Offer Your Clients More Options in Today’s Market with Captive Insurance Solutions

Captive Solutions may be the right solution for clients looking to gain greater control over their insurance plans, reduce costs and enhance risk management. Caitlin Morgan offers several alternative Captive Solutions.

Captive Insurance Solutions from Caitlin Morgan

Captives are an attractive alternative risk solution to self-insurance, with about 40% of major U.S. corporations and many multinational companies today owning their own captive insurance company. Moreover, in the United States, there are currently approximately 37 states that allow captives to be set up within their borders. In addition, captive insurance companies are no longer ideal for just large corporations, many mid to small companies are looking at this viable option.

The majority of captives provide mainstream property/casualty insurance coverage such as General Liability, Product Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability, Auto Liability and Professional Liability (e.g., medical malpractice). Captives also provide specialized coverage for unusual or hard-to-insure risks. Other types of nontraditional insurance coverage that a captive could underwrite include Credit Risk, Pollution Liability, Equipment Maintenance Warranty and Employee Benefit risks. Companies are also turning to captives for Healthcare coverage.

Benefits of Captives

Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services is well positioned to provide your customers with a captive solution that offers:

  • Greater input and control
  • Lower net cost of insurance
  • A flexible program design
  • Access to the reinsurance market
  • Participation in underwriting and investment results
  • A one-stop, bundled services approach

Options Available

We utilize a team of knowledgeable specialists dedicated to offering innovative captive insurance products designed to meet an insured’s financial and risk management goals and objectives. We provide a wide array of insurance solutions that allow for maximum flexibility in program design.

Our experienced underwriters and sales professionals are well versed in all aspects of captive and insurance operations, creating customized programs for your insureds. We also provide program management and development services to manage your entire captive insurance program, which includes reinsurance placements, claims management, accounting services for group captives, and underwriting services for individual or group captives.

We invite you to learn more about us and how we can help you expand your business.

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